For The Love Of The Run…

Awake and ready to run!
Awake and ready to run!

Today, I set out to run 18 miles for Boston Marathon training.  I had planned to wake up at 7:30AM, run 10 miles, and then join Nike Flatiron’s Run Club for their 8 mile run to make 18.  I did not realize how exhausted I was after a crazy week of work so when my alarm rang at 7:30, I reset my alarm for 8:30.  I did not get out of bed until 9AM!  Getting a run in before the group run was not possible so I mentally prepared myself to run 10 miles after the group run. I ran to the Nike store prepped with my camelback and GU, ready to run 18 miles.  What I did not expect was to have two of my Flatiron friends join me for the 10 miles after the group run!  This is how it went down:

John: How much are you running today?
Me: 18 miles.  I couldn’t wake up early to run 10 before so I have to run 10 after.
John: I’ll run 18 with you.  Randy, you wanna run 18 today?
Randy: Ok, what’s the route?
Just like that, John and Randy signed up run 18 miles with me!  They were not prepared with water bottles or gels, but that did not matter to them.  They love to run and they were up for an adventure!  If our roles were reversed and I had agreed to run 18 miles with a friend, I would have gone home to get GU and my camelback!
I have come to learn that Iron Runners (runners from Nike Flatiron) are some of the coolest runners in town!  I only met John and Randy this past December and it seemed like no big deal for them to add 10 miles to their run today.  I was so happy to have found the Nike Flatiron Run Club because I had been looking since summer of 2012 for a run club similar to Boston’s City Sports Run Club, which I missed dearly.  The people at Nike Flatiron are friendly, welcoming, and easy going.  Though I have not asked them all individually, I feel that many are there because they love to run.
Iron Runners!!
Iron Runners!!
I feel so refreshed with this group because sometimes I feel like such an “old runner”.  My legs cannot handle running more than 2 days in a row and they cannot handle running in anything but stability shoes.  My training this winter for Boston has been less than stellar.  Andrew has out run me in two races and in our training runs.  I cannot seem to find my speed or motivation.
Nike Flatiron Run Club makes me feel a little younger and it reminds me why I have stayed in this sport for so long.  Running brings people together and it is not always an individual sport.  Without running, I would not have met so many of my close friends or Andrew. Running has taken me to so many places that I would not necessarily go if there was no race.  I love every single finish line that I cross no matter how much my legs are cramping! And of course there is my love for race expos.  =)
The 10 miles after the group run would have been dreadful without John and Randy’s company. I am so thankful that they came along for the run.  John and Randy inspire me to keep running and they remind me that running can be fun.  Because of them, my love for running continues to grow.  And I will run 18 miles with you on the fly if you ask me to.  Camelback or no camelback.  =)
What do you do after 18+ miles??  PLANK!
What do you do after 18+ miles?? PLANK!
Motivational poster for race day!
Motivational poster for race day!
photo 5 (2)
Well deserved post run 28 oz Jamba Juice!
photo 4 (3)
Pomegranate Paradise from Jamba Juice! Yum!!