2016: What a Year!

As 2016 comes to an end, I want to reflect back on the amazing things that happened this year.  It was a busy year that included getting married, a lot of running, and a lot of travel to fun places.  Andrew and I ran 2 new marathons (London & Wineglass).  Andrew completed his first full Ironman.  I joined the New York Flyers and participated in their Marathon Training Program in hopes to finally run a 3:30.  While I fell short of the goal, I managed to run a 7 second PR!  Here are some of the highlights from the year. Enjoy!

  • Getting Married! 2/6/2016!


  • Running 5 marathons (Boston, London, Wineglass, NYC, Philly)
  • Honeymoon in Maui!
  • Travels to London & Paris with Andrew.
  • Marathon PR at Wineglass.


  • Watching Andrew compete in Ironman Mont Tremblant.


  • RTB Ultra (This was amazing because we finished, but very painful!)


2017 will bring new adventures.  Andrew and I will celebrate 1 year of being married!  Andrew will complete the World Marathon Majors in Tokyo in February!  After Tokyo, we will be going to Hong Kong so Andrew can meet the rest of my family!  I will complete 2 streaks in 2017!  In April, I will run my 10th consecutive Boston Marathon and in November, I will run my 15th NYC Marathon!  Then I can retire!  Ha!  Besides running adventures, we will also be traveling to 3 weddings.  The race schedule is not entirely set so we may throw in a few other races if our schedule permits after all of that!

I wish everyone has a happy and healthy 2017 with lots of laughter, love, and running!


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