About Me!

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Real Job: Occupational Therapist

Job that I wish I got paid for: Amateur Runner

I am an occupational therapist with experience working in a rehabilitation facility, a geriatric facility, and an acute care hospital.  I currently work in home care and provide therapy within a patient’s home.  I address daily living skills with patients who have lost their independence due to a stroke, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, amputations, hip & knee replacements, and other medical issues.

I am also a runner. I began running when I was in elementary school. The public school system in NYC had weekly outdoor track meets and I tried out to be on the team one afternoon. The only problem was that I did not wear sneakers to school that day. I made the track team running in boots! 

I began running marathons in college and ventured into ultra marathons in 2012! I have traveled to a lot of cool places and met a lot of friends and my husband through running.  Here are some of my stats….

1st Marathon: NYC 2002

PR: 3:31:09 (Wineglass Marathon 2016)

# of Marathons Run: 43 (NYC, Boston, Edinburgh, Disney, Cincinnati Flying Pig, Hong Kong, Philadelphia, Chicago, Big Sur, Myrtle Beach, Wineglass, Tokyo, Quebec City)

# of Ultras Run: 4 (North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Miler, Knickerbocker 60K X 3)

Upcoming Races: 2017 NYC Marathon

Running Shoe: Asics Kayano, Size 8

Running Watch: I prefer to run by feel and with my Timex, but have a Garmin 920XT.

# of black toenails: Zero!

# of falls during a marathon: 2 (I fell in my first marathon at mile 24 when both my calves cramped up and I couldn’t hold myself up. I fell at mile 3 of NYC 2010 while looking for Bobby Flay)


2 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Hi Betty, A runner friend of mine recommended this blog to me and I was wondering if I could email you a couple of questions?

    Thanks a bunch!

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